A 7 Deadly Sin Situation

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Challenges for fun, Short stories

Sid Denaly was a selfish man who married a young maiden named Flurry-White.   Sid Denaly wanted one son, a ‘son and heir’ to look after him in his old age.  He murdered his wife Flurry-white with a poisoned apple cider, after she gave birth to Septuplets.  All seven sons were all of small proportions, some might even call them dwarfs, but their personalities’ bold and individually defined.  His son’s names were: Greedy; Gluttony; Sloth; Lust; Wrath; Envy; and Pride

*   *   *

Greedy was the youngest.  His father believed it was this that made his need to be the highest ranking son, so powerful.  At school Greedy opted to drink from the fountain, selling his ‘free’ milk to buy a milkshake machine, charging other children to use it.  He studied hard and even offered to do his classmates homework, only to complete it incorrectly, to ensure he remained top of the class.  As soon as he hit his teens, his self-indulgence and desire to be of such high status took a surprising turn.  He sold his brother Lust to the highest bidder.

*   *   *

Lust was the quietest of the boys.  He had an overpowering addiction.  Desire.  He had created his own website which generated a large college fund by the time he was fifteen.  Lust wasn’t driven by money though; it was his subject matter he cared passionately about.  His favourite contributor was Ms Millions, a Millionairess, who shared his urge for passion.  Lust fell prey to her incredible need for youthful fervour.  When Greedy found out about all this, he sold Lust to Ms Millions as a sex-slave.  Greedy became proprietor of the website and Lust…well got what he wanted too.

*   *   *

Gluttony was the largest of the brothers.   He had no will-power and never had, according to his mother.  If he liked something, then he would binge on it until it made him sick.  He was a regular contestant in the local “pie-eating contest” and had a seven year winning title at the age of twenty.  Having tested the boundaries of his metabolism in almost every way, he began experimenting in drugs, testing his mind over matter theories.  He gorged on a cocktail of drugs.  He died in ecstasy, literally, with a smile on his face and congestion of the heart.

*   *   *

It was impossible to get Sloth to do anything.  Even getting up in the mornings was a chore for him.   His room was filled with rubbish, clothes and ‘stuff’ he’d collected over the years.  He didn’t care that he could no longer see his floor or furniture, having only a small corner of the room to sleep.  He eventually got lost in all the clutter and mess.  His brother Pride announced he was unworthy of living and declared him dead after the family hadn’t seen him for over a month.  Turned out he’d been crushed by his own bedroom clutter.

*   *   *

Sid knew his son Pride was vain.  Even from birth he had a need to be more attractive than others, insisting on having a hand-held mirror next to him when he slept rather than a beloved cuddly toy.  His twin brother Envy, was in oar of his existence.  Pride insisted he was only a twin because his greatness couldn’t be contained in just one person.  He boasted about being the best looking one amongst his brothers, as well as failing to see why their parents produced any more children, having exceeded themselves once he was born.

*   *   *

Wrath suffered from uncontrolled hatred towards his brothers.  He wanted to be alone, not just an only child, but an orphan too.  He hated sharing and went into a spinning rage when made to participate in family games or activities.  The other brothers used this to their advantage though and when they were harassed, which let’s face it with names like they had, it was a constant battle, they would tell Wrath.  “Feel my Wrath!” they would shout to their enemies.  This was until Wrath got so angry with his brother Pride, he killed him a frenzy of disgust.

*   *   *

Envy was so resentful of his twin brother Pride’s good looks, intelligence, vibes and general existence; it took over his whole life.  Instead of caring about his own appearance, he became his brothers stalker.  Watching everything Pride did, wore and said from morning until night.  He longed to be like his twin brother, feeling that he was the best thing since sliced bread, rather than himself who was merely just the crust, the part most people discarded.  When Wrath killed Pride, Envy was mortified.  Envy’s jealousy grew into rage.  Wrath and Envy murdered each other in an emotional frenzied attack.

*   *   *

Sid Denlay was left with one out of seven of his sons, Greedy.  Greedy later killed his father once he knew of his wealth and lived a prosperous, but lonely life.  Greedy died alone, in his mansion after drinking his father’s home-brewed apple cider.

  1. This was absolutely brilliant. Loved it! What a great read, and am so glad you entered the blogfest.
    Nice to meet you.

  2. Lissa says:

    This was so totally cool. I love the idea of each of the sins personified into seven brothers like that. I really enjoyed reading this and had a chuckle or two.

  3. Antimony says:

    I love it! What a brilliant twist on the whole challenge! Made me giggle too. You are forgiven for bending the rules my dear Brainhaze, this is fabulous!! (Wish I’d thought of it first =P)

    A x

  4. Stevie McCoy says:

    After reading the whole story in parts makes me wish I had done mine with some sort of consistency but I just did it in sections not connected. Wonderful read, Maybe when the 7 virtues come up I will write my flash fictions with more consistency because it came a across so well with yours.

  5. Heather says:

    How F’N evil are you? This was a brilliant take on the sins. Great job. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Halli Gomez says:

    Wonderfully creative! I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks!

  7. I do love that they were all components of a larger story, but I particularly liked the ones that fed into the next one (Greed to Lust for example). In that spirit I would’ve liked to see Envy and Wrath transposed, but over all it was a very fun story.

    My favorite elements were that all the sins were individuals related to one another, and that in the end Greed was the clear winner… Well, not without consequences, but he made it the furthest.

  8. What a wonderful fairytale twist. It’s so great to see how unique the pieces are in this blog challenge. I would never have considered a fairytale themed piece before now. Excellent.

  9. Sonia Lal says:

    This is a wonderful story! Love the idea and how all the brother’s sins feed into each other.

  10. Helen says:

    Nice idea of incorporating the 7 deadly sins into characters – Poor father – mind you if his last son hadn’t killed him I think he might have contemplated drinking his own tampered brew just to get away from it all!.

  11. Stacey says:

    That was a fun read, I also liked how their fates intertwined. The only bit that really jarred was “oar” instead of “awe”, it took me out of the narrative. Otherwise, very cool!

  12. henriettamaddox says:

    I agree with Stacey: a fun read. Really simply put (so easy to read) and creative AND innovative Friday Flash style.

  13. FARfetched says:

    Wow, that was a great little piece! They way the brothers all connected together and ended up killing each other… brilliant!

  14. Debs Rickard says:

    Love the modern slant on the seven deadly sins. And the literally ‘deadly’ twist. Brilliantly conceived!

  15. I liked that one. One of those classic memes that can be very interesting if you put a good spin on it, and I think you accomplished that.

  16. ~Tim says:

    I like this. I got pulled out by the oar/awe thing too.

    I also stumbled a bit when Gluttony was described as having, “no will-power and never had, according to his mother” when in the intro you said Denaly murdered his wife, “after she gave birth to Septuplets.”

    Overall, great job of weaving their traits and stories together.

  17. akweelife says:

    I have never seen anything done like this before – and I loved it! At first, I was not so sure, but the more I read, the more I wanted to read! This was cool.

    Thank you!
    Kwee Writings

  18. adampb says:

    Good blending of the seven sins and the seven dwarfs.
    Adam B @revhappiness

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