A Fight for Respect

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Fight!” they shrieked.

Aiden looked at them puzzled as boys and girls pushed past him.

End of school was always busy and children seeped from every exit and poured down the main driveway towards the gates of freedom. As he was one of the smallest in his year group, Aiden inevitably got pushed more than the average boy, but he figured being in his first year of secondary school, that one day he’d be the one to push the smaller kids aside. He just hoped puberty was going to be kind to him.

“Fight!” more boys shouted as they shoved past, sending him flying into the open arms of the bushes.

As he brushed himself down and got to his feet, like a new born calf, he steadied himself by straightening his knees and back. He looked at his mate Toby, who was slightly taller than him, but still vulnerable due to his auburn hair and exceptionally large teeth which his face hadn’t quite grown into yet.

“Come on!” Toby said grabbing hold of Aiden’s arm, “Must be a good ‘en”.

The two sprinted to the end of the driveway, each holding the straps of their rucksacks like military soldiers in training. As they jogged out of the cast iron gates, they were faced with a large group of children who had formed a circle around two boys scrapping.

There were too many kids shouting and huddled together to get a close look. The atmosphere was electric, charged with adolescent tension and excitement. Aiden was desperately trying to peer over others shoulders or get a glimpse of what was happening. He could hear the punches. Flesh hitting flesh and groans as the life was slowly being beaten from another being.

“Someone get the teacher”, a girl cried, looking pale and her cheeks moist.

“Fight, fight, fight!” a group of older boys chanted from the other side of the circle, each with a fist clenched and pounding it into their other hand, everyone in rhythm with the other.

“I can’t see a bloody thing,” Toby shouted to Aiden.

“Me neither,” Aiden shrugged.

“Here,” Toby said cupping his hands together for Aiden to step up further above the crowd “Have a look and tell us what’s happening!” using his head to point to the activities enclosed within the human arena.

Aiden stuck his foot in Toby’s hands without hesitation and hoisted himself up, pulling on Toby’s shoulder and then leaning on his head. “Ewwww, what the hell you got in your hair man?” he shrieked, wiping his hands on his sweater.

“Hair gel, durrr!” Toby screwed up his face and then looked stern, “Just tell us what’s happening”.

As Aiden towered over the heads of his superior peers, he saw a boy lying on the ground, his shirt ripped and stained red in patches. His face looked bruised and his nose was obviously the culprit of the continous flow of blood, which had also stained the pavement. Another boy, much taller and enraged was punching him in the arm.

“Get up!” he bellowed, “Get up and fight like a man. You give me respect you hear!”

Aiden looked down at Toby and a small entourage of friends who were obviously in the same predicament of being too short to see. “Its grim,” Aiden said turning up his nose and top lip, “There’s loads a blood.”

“Who is it?” Toby said excitedly, “who’s getting beats?”

“Don’t know,” Aiden said peering back over the crowd of heads, “but he’s getting a proper pasting. The older boy has flipped! I don’t think he’s from our school.”

“What ya mean?” Toby said even more perplexed than Aiden.

“It’s a different uniform. He ain’t got a blazer or a tie. But I can only see the back ov ‘is head!”

Aiden watched as the older boy, who still had his back to Aiden, pulled the smaller now scrunched up lad from the floor and lifted him into the air by his bloodied ripped shirt.

“I will not take it from you little shits anymore, do you hear me!” the older boy bellowed. “I deserve respect and good manners. Why do none of you respect us anymore!”

Aiden looked puzzled, but his eyes were fixated on the two beings.

“You stole from me boy!” the voice bellowed again, “Stole my life and how do you repay me? By enticing your snot-nosed friends to give me as little respect as possible. I hate you! Show me respect, you hear?!”

“Someone get a teacher!” the girl cried again, wiping her eyes.

“Shut up!” the older boy shouted back at her. ”I am the God damn teacher!”

  1. John Wiswell says:

    Kids grow up so fast, it seems, or teachers grow really slow.

  2. Bev says:

    I’m predicting the future… I see that man on line for unemployment.

  3. There were some really great moments in this. The description was so vivid, I felt like I was there, like I could hear the shouts and smell the blood, as well as see what was going on. It’s just a shame about the ending. That just wouldn’t happen and it seemed to me that you felt you needed a twist or a surprise to make this a good story. You don’t.

  4. jackkholt says:

    My schoolboy memories tell me this happened at our school once. Really not sure if that’s true!

  5. Helen says:

    That’s a twist all right LOL. The teacher must have been really frustrated.

    This sentence was a little clumsy to me, “Aiden watched as the older boy, who still had his back to Aiden,” Perhaps if you had; He watched as the older boy , who still had his back to him,… that might work better. It’s just a small thing and may be just my perspective. ^_^

    Nice story makes me glad my school days are long over. ^_^

  6. Good story! The description was great. It was like I was there in that circle.

  7. My Dad was a teacher and used to have to break fights up like that. I enjoyed the twist at the end of the tale that it was the teacher who snapped. It’s totally believable Louise, didn’t you read the story about the teacher with a great reputation till he was ill, who just broke down in class and hit a kid with something heavy? It happens…

  8. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I figured it was going to end up being the teacher. Two of the teachers at my school ended up having nervous breakdowns due to the bad behaviour of the students, and their inability to maintain any discipline, so like Louise, I find the whole thing perfectly believeable.

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