A Snowball of Terror

Posted: April 27, 2012 in #fridayflash, Short stories

The world was white and she hated it.

Sure it looked picturesque. Gleaming white fluffy snow on everything as far as the eye could see. But it was pure hell from where she stood.

The street lamp stood superfluous, as the beam of pure white landscape, glared over its amber ray. The trees were topped with sugar and the roads and paths all fused into one level of soft feather duvets.

It was all pointless though. None of this mattered when her true love was not here with her. He had left that morning to get a train home. The anxiety and doubt grew in the pit of her stomach. She hated goodbyes at the best of times. Seeing him walk away into the distance, his body becoming nothing more than a small dot through the vapour, was heartbreaking. The further he walked away, the heavier the snow seemed to fall. As she’d said goodbye, a piece of her heart and hope had gone with him.

She was beginning to wonder if the flurry of snow and ice was actually a premonition; a sign that she’d never see him again. The phones were down, all the lines and telegraph poles burdened with whipped cream shaped flurries. The television set was snowier than the bleak world outside.

Boredom only fed the anxious loneliness. A void inside of her was growing bigger and yet bingeing off of the negative storm in her mind. It was hopeless.

Ever since she’d been small, she could remember being resentful of the other children playing in the snow. Building snowmen and lying down in the thick mounds of crisp white blankets, spreading their arms and legs wide to create ‘snow angels’.

Her parents had bought her and her sisters sledges made from pink glittery plastic with purple string. She can remember hearing her sisters outside, squealing with absolute delight as they shot down the hillside adjacent to their family home. She used hers as a roof for her camp behind the sofa. Nothing would ever entice her out there; a world where only one colour was of importance.

The doctors had said it was a phase, a phobia she would grow out of. She hadn’t.

Snowball fights might as well of been full blown world war attacks, as boulders pounded against the windows and she ducked for cover. She would close the curtains in every room, in the hope that when she’d open them again the next morning, it would all be gone.

It hadn’t worked then and it didn’t feel like it would work now. The curtains were shut, like an enchanted cloak, not only disguising her from the world but protecting her from anything it might throw at her too. But she knew it was there. Its luminosity was penetrating the curtain’s lining, intimidating the cloth to let its glare shine through and tease her.

She could foresee days, if not weeks, of being stuck in the lonely four walls that she loved to call home, but today it was solitary confinement.

Two thuds at the door made her heart race. More snowballs or maybe slates from the roof. Then another heavier bang.

She stood a few meters away from the door, petrified of even looking out of the spy-hole. It must be those pesky kids from down the street.

She edged gently towards the door, stretching out her arm to ensure the door was not only shut but safe to peek. She peered through the minuscule looking glass.

It was him.

Unable to make it to the train station, he had turned around and come back to hibernate from the storm.

In his arms the world could remain as white as it liked. She had no reason to venture out there or even think about the white enemy.

She was safe.

  1. Sonia Lal says:

    I like the feel of the story. The last two lines especially seem to sum her up. But she sure does have issues.

  2. marc nash says:

    with global warming this woman is really screwed! I like this and am left wondering if it’s the monochromal colour of the snow that’s at the heart of her phobis, or other things about it? Interesting

  3. Von L says:

    Thanks for the Friday Flash! I enjoyed it.

  4. I’m glad he came back and she can hope again. Interesting character with her phobia.

  5. Icy Sedgwick says:

    Aw I’m glad he made it back to her – they can ride out the storm together.

    One typo.
    ” Snowball fights might as well of been…”
    Should be have, not of.

  6. ganymeder says:

    What a beautiful and romantic story.

  7. Aww a sweet and romantic ending. I was getting a bit worried about her, but not anymore, now that he’s back. ^_^

  8. Sweet ending. Really curious about the source of her phobia though.

  9. I used to have a phobia about going to school in the snow through fear of snowball attacks.. There’s something very poignant and touching about this.. and her pain is real and raw.

  10. I liked this. A curious phobia of snow, though justified in her mind.

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