A Regular Occurrence

Posted: June 20, 2013 in #fridayflash, Short stories

She’d been sat in her pyjamas for days.  Her puffy eyes couldn’t see past the mountains of scrunched up tissues that surrounded her.  It had happened again.  Why couldn’t she see this one coming?  You’d think after last year’s episode she would have had a radar or inkling to the initial signs.  She was beginning to think it was her, something she was doing wrong.

Kat lifted her head in an attempt to sit up and try to shift this overwhelming, consuming feeling.  She wiped her eyes for the gazillionth time that morning alone and starred at the static television screen.

She blew her nose and reached for the telephone.  She had to call him again.  He wouldn’t be happy and was probably awaiting her call.  She’d called him yesterday and as usual his caveman instincts were less than sympathetic and couldn’t wait to get her off of the phone.

She had no choice.  It was trivial, she knew that but she had to call.  Her swollen eyes, looked like inflated rubber rings, with the only thing they could save from her watery, inflamed eye sockets, were her dilated pupils.

“Hi John, its Kat,” She sniffed as she talked through her very limited nasal passage.

“I won’t be in work again today.  This hayfever has just taken over my entire face!”

  1. charlesallenjr says:

    Uhg! I have allergy problems so I can relate. I thought she had been watching sad movies. 🙂

  2. Sonia Lal says:

    LOL For some reason I was expecting something else. Wonderful buildup.

  3. John Wiswell says:

    I’m glad it was just allergies and that she isn’t regularly destroyed by emotions! You did a good job with the misdirection in this one, Haze.

  4. marc nash says:

    had me, i assume she was in no fit state because of the emotional turmoil of a relationship breakup

  5. Larry Kollar says:

    Good misdirection/twist – of course, I assumed it was a breakup. I don’t have many allergies, but my loved ones do, so I can relate.

  6. It is a brilliant twist at the end. I love reading pieces that don’t revolve completely around emotion, it makes a refreshing change.

  7. kbespy says:

    Nice buildup of tension. Fascinating twist. Caught me completely unaware. Well-played.

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